Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 4 of Some Sort of Diet

Hi there,
I would like to tell you that I ate some carbs...

Oh phew... That's over and done with.. I feel guilty and bad like I cheated you all. But not half as bad as when I was on that horrendous diet!!!
Yesterday I left work early because I felt so sick that I couldn't function properly. I felt dizzy and weak and I swear that I could not walk straight! On top of that i had the worst back ache and stomach ache!!! On the way home I stopped in to the grocery store and picked up a can of soup. Don't worry it was broth based and had beef and veg in it. I didn't go on a rampage for potato chips and coke.... I mean come on I still want to lose weight.  I ate half the can of soup and it filled me up really well!!! After lunch I dragged myself up to bed where I stayed till my husband came home. For dinner we had a chickpea and chicken curry with under a cup of cooked rice. It was the best feeling ever!

Even though my belly was full it didn't mean that I felt healthy. I still had a horrible back ache and stomach pains for earlier that day. I had an early night that day

Today, I had a lovely breakfast of Greek yoghurt with berries and a slice of grain toast and oh it was divine! For lunch I had yesterdays dinner leftovers, limiting the rice and for dinner we had steak with a salad!

I had an appointment with the doctor anyway so i decided to tell her about this diet and the pains in my abdomen. Short answer, she thought it was a bad idea and recommended a low carb diet over a no carb diet! SO I will stick to limiting my carb intake to lunch time and chose smaller portions.

I also got an earful from my parents after they found out.

So everyone, I can't do the 17 day diet!!
I can do my diet my own way  and hopefully still lose weight, even if I takes longer!


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