Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 4 of Some Sort of Diet

Hi there,
I would like to tell you that I ate some carbs...

Oh phew... That's over and done with.. I feel guilty and bad like I cheated you all. But not half as bad as when I was on that horrendous diet!!!
Yesterday I left work early because I felt so sick that I couldn't function properly. I felt dizzy and weak and I swear that I could not walk straight! On top of that i had the worst back ache and stomach ache!!! On the way home I stopped in to the grocery store and picked up a can of soup. Don't worry it was broth based and had beef and veg in it. I didn't go on a rampage for potato chips and coke.... I mean come on I still want to lose weight.  I ate half the can of soup and it filled me up really well!!! After lunch I dragged myself up to bed where I stayed till my husband came home. For dinner we had a chickpea and chicken curry with under a cup of cooked rice. It was the best feeling ever!

Even though my belly was full it didn't mean that I felt healthy. I still had a horrible back ache and stomach pains for earlier that day. I had an early night that day

Today, I had a lovely breakfast of Greek yoghurt with berries and a slice of grain toast and oh it was divine! For lunch I had yesterdays dinner leftovers, limiting the rice and for dinner we had steak with a salad!

I had an appointment with the doctor anyway so i decided to tell her about this diet and the pains in my abdomen. Short answer, she thought it was a bad idea and recommended a low carb diet over a no carb diet! SO I will stick to limiting my carb intake to lunch time and chose smaller portions.

I also got an earful from my parents after they found out.

So everyone, I can't do the 17 day diet!!
I can do my diet my own way  and hopefully still lose weight, even if I takes longer!


Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 3 of Diet

Hey peeps!
Its been 3 days now and I feel ok this morning. My carb cravings have reduced, which is a nice thing.
Although many times I thought to myself that I could have a sandwich and no one would know. But i didn't have the heart to eat it. Mostly because I don't want to start this whole bloody 17 days again!!!
Also I have some nice news for you!!
I weigh myself every morning before breakfast and I record it on my calender, as you know my starting weight was 65.4 kg, this morning it was 64.4 kg !!!! Hells yeah!! That's one kilo!! Yay I'm so happy!

Today I am working, therefore, I am wearing work clothes and I swear this pencil skirt used to be really snug and fitted and now its like twisting around my belly and keeps falling down so I keep tugging it upwards!
Oh my gosh can one kilo do that?
Any who the skirt doesn't look as good at it did before its all like puckered up and my body doesn't fill it like it did before...
Lets hope this keeps up!


Day 2 of Diet

OMG... I didn't like day two either. Although I knew what to expect today. More craving bread and chicken soup with noodles in it! How bad am I?! The gross heavy feeling was back like there is a brick in my stomach. Unsure of where that came from... Also I had some orange for dinner which is totally breaking the rules because the diet says no fruit after 2 pm.... Naughty me. I also had some roasted  chicken  for dinner. I mean its not that bad is it? Eating roast chicken and an orange for dinner? I can think of far worse things to eat.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 1 of Diet

Hi there.

Yesterday was the official start to my diet! YAY.
My Starting weight is 65.4kg and I am 166cm tall. I have worked it all out and the book says for my height I am 5 kg overweight. Which is true I can see the rolls around my belly and the bits of flab on my arms. I know many of you must be thinking 65.4 kg does not make me over weight. My BMI tells me that I am in a healthy weight range. However, I do need to tone up and I would love it if I had a flat tummy so that I could wear a bikini!! How great would it be if everything didn't wobble and bounce! It would be a dream come true...

So lets make 5 kg my goal for the 1st 17 days. I hope to be 60.4 kg at the end of the first 17 day cycle.

Lets talk about how I felt on my 1st day. Breakfast and lunch were a breeze I felt nice and light. After lunch it got tough around 4pm I was craving toast OMG I really wanted carbs. I stayed strong though and had my probiotic snack that consisted of low fat Greek yoghurt. That killed the hunger for a while and gave me hope. Also the other thing I noticed was that I got realy thirsty no matter how much water I would drink. What is with that??? Since I was thirsty I felt lethargic! How horrible I'm not allowed any juice either. The sugar would have picked me right up.
Still I stayed strong...

Later on that evening my plan was to go to the gym. I usually go about 3 or 4 times a week for an hour alternating between cardio and weight training. At this point I felt like I wanted to vomit and wished I could dig a hole and sleep. My husband who did a great job motivating me, wondered if I was even fit to go to the gym! Anyway, I promised him that I would take it easy and went anyway.
I decided to do the bikes for 30 minutes, so at least I could sit down! Then had a leisurely walk on the treadmill for 10 minutes. After the work out I swear I felt better almost back to normal. The nausea had gone away and I felt tired but not sick at least.
I had an early night that night and hoped it would be better the next day...

The 17 Day Diet

A few weeks ago I decided to try out a diet! After a lot of researching I finally found a normal one that I could probably stick to! its called The 17 Day Diet. I actually heard about this diet while watching Dr Phil. Yes, I know I watch day-time TV sometimes... Don't judge me yet, I happen to be a pretty cool person. So yeah I was like wow this mustn't be one of those fad diets where you gain all the weight back after you finish! So I went to the book store stood in the 'lifestyle' aisle for just over an hour reading through all these diet books.Which one was suitable for me? Did I want to eat raw oysters for breakfast? Did I want to eat meat protein for the 1st week? Most of them made me feel like I wanted to gag. In the end The 17 Day Diet made me want to kill myself the least. So I bought it.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hello friend

Hello there! Do you ever get the feeling you need to bitch about the things that happen in your life? Get it off your chest? Something like that? Well most people unload on their favorite girlfriend, without  judgement, since I don't have one of those this blog will do just fine!