Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 1 of Diet

Hi there.

Yesterday was the official start to my diet! YAY.
My Starting weight is 65.4kg and I am 166cm tall. I have worked it all out and the book says for my height I am 5 kg overweight. Which is true I can see the rolls around my belly and the bits of flab on my arms. I know many of you must be thinking 65.4 kg does not make me over weight. My BMI tells me that I am in a healthy weight range. However, I do need to tone up and I would love it if I had a flat tummy so that I could wear a bikini!! How great would it be if everything didn't wobble and bounce! It would be a dream come true...

So lets make 5 kg my goal for the 1st 17 days. I hope to be 60.4 kg at the end of the first 17 day cycle.

Lets talk about how I felt on my 1st day. Breakfast and lunch were a breeze I felt nice and light. After lunch it got tough around 4pm I was craving toast OMG I really wanted carbs. I stayed strong though and had my probiotic snack that consisted of low fat Greek yoghurt. That killed the hunger for a while and gave me hope. Also the other thing I noticed was that I got realy thirsty no matter how much water I would drink. What is with that??? Since I was thirsty I felt lethargic! How horrible I'm not allowed any juice either. The sugar would have picked me right up.
Still I stayed strong...

Later on that evening my plan was to go to the gym. I usually go about 3 or 4 times a week for an hour alternating between cardio and weight training. At this point I felt like I wanted to vomit and wished I could dig a hole and sleep. My husband who did a great job motivating me, wondered if I was even fit to go to the gym! Anyway, I promised him that I would take it easy and went anyway.
I decided to do the bikes for 30 minutes, so at least I could sit down! Then had a leisurely walk on the treadmill for 10 minutes. After the work out I swear I felt better almost back to normal. The nausea had gone away and I felt tired but not sick at least.
I had an early night that night and hoped it would be better the next day...

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