Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 3 of Diet

Hey peeps!
Its been 3 days now and I feel ok this morning. My carb cravings have reduced, which is a nice thing.
Although many times I thought to myself that I could have a sandwich and no one would know. But i didn't have the heart to eat it. Mostly because I don't want to start this whole bloody 17 days again!!!
Also I have some nice news for you!!
I weigh myself every morning before breakfast and I record it on my calender, as you know my starting weight was 65.4 kg, this morning it was 64.4 kg !!!! Hells yeah!! That's one kilo!! Yay I'm so happy!

Today I am working, therefore, I am wearing work clothes and I swear this pencil skirt used to be really snug and fitted and now its like twisting around my belly and keeps falling down so I keep tugging it upwards!
Oh my gosh can one kilo do that?
Any who the skirt doesn't look as good at it did before its all like puckered up and my body doesn't fill it like it did before...
Lets hope this keeps up!


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